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Question about line vty

Hi there

i have a question

in Cisco ruter and switch we have line vty and it can be line vty <0-15> <0-15> does it mean we have 16*16=256 vty?

are they just used for telnet and ssh ?

well i am kind of beginner so i f some dude explaint that for me i t will be perfect .

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Question about line vty

In that case, you have 16 vty lines. You can configure them one at a time (line vty 0) or all sixteen (line vty 0 15) at once.

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Question about line vty

Thank you for your answer.

but we can use this command and IOS consider it as a correct command:

line vty 0 1

or        1  3

or        4 15


then what is first digint and second digit?

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Question about line vty

Think of it like an interface range command. You have 16 virtual telephony (VTY) lines available:

line vty 0

line vty 1


line vty 14

line vty 15

The first digit represents the first line in the range and the second is the last line in the range. Unless you have a specific need to, just configure them all at once with the 'line vty 0 15' command.

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Re: Question about line vty

Oh i got it ,so they are ranges.

Thank you Sir for your help.

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