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quick question - mgt lan

                   hi! I've a switch (2950) with flat network with no configration at the ports. If i would to change the default vlan 1 ip address to a new network ip and default gw(different network segment from the existing one), because we are relocating the switch. Will it impact the user connected to the switch? or it will just diable me to connect to the switch through ip? I just want to confirm that it will not impact the existing user. I would like to change the mgt lan ip before we move the switch. Thx.

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quick question - mgt lan

Changing the VLAN interface IP address on a 2950 will not cause an impact to traffic already going through it.


quick question - mgt lan

If you do not use your 2950 in unusual applications like DHCP server, you may change IP address freely.

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quick question - mgt lan

hi! even if i cahnge the mgt vlan ip from eg. to which is of different network segment?

quick question - mgt lan

Layer 2 switches don't use IP-addresses to communicate on the LAN, it uses MAC-addresses. So changing an IP-address on a switch will not disrupt anything.

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quick question - mgt lan

Assuming that VLAN 1 (the layer 2 VLAN and not the VLAN interface for layer 3) remains the same then users connected to the switch will not be impacted if you change the IP address of the management interface of the switch on interface vlan 1. The IP address on the switch is used only for management traffic to and from the switch. Changing the management IP address has no impact on user traffic being forwarded at layer 2 by the swtich.



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