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"Hot Standby" Interface

Hi All,

We currently have a router connected to the internet. In the event that the router lan interface (eihter on the Route processor or on a separate module) fails, a fast way to recover is to "tranfer" configuration and wiring to another physical interface.

Is there any way to "automate" this somehow? I.e. create active/standby (or module cards) interfaces on the same router?

A "similar" feature was introduced in pix 7.x when dual-homing to 2 ISPs using sla command...

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Re: "Hot Standby" Interface

We are running HSRP on our core routers(6509's) and each are connected to the edge router ethernet port in seperate VLANs also running HSRP.

So if the primary path fails the secondary is used.

Hope this helps,


Re: "Hot Standby" Interface

Use the 'backup interface' command under the primary interface. This would cause the backup interface go into standby mode. When primary interface goes down the standby interface state would change up. Of course, use identical configuration on both interfaces.



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Re: "Hot Standby" Interface

Can this work with 2 ethernet interfaces that support and are configured with vlans? Additionally if I try to configure the exact same settings (ip addresses) on two ethernet interfaces, I get an error....

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Re: "Hot Standby" Interface

It would be nice if HSRP could work on the "same" router between 2 Ethernet interfaces. This could solve my problem somehow.

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