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"Input errors" on 3750G

Hi all:

I am working with one of our customers who has a 3750G-48TS. They recently noticed that on some of the ports the status LED blinks alternately green/amber under heavy load, and the "input errors" counter for that port increments.

According to the docs I've looked at, this indicates "link fault" and goes on to say that the "input errors" counter includes "runts, giants, no buffer, CRC, frame, overrun, and ignored counts" and "other input-related errors".

All of the counters specifically mentioned (runts, giants, etc.) are zero, so it's none of those. Can someone tell me definitively what "other input-related errors" encompasses so I know where to look next?



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Re: "Input errors" on 3750G

Speed and duplex setting match on both sides?

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Re: "Input errors" on 3750G

Yup, both sides are Full-duplex, 1000Mb/s.

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Re: "Input errors" on 3750G

Sorry, I forgot to thank you for the link as well. I had already run through that and didn't see anything that applied.

The device on that switch port is one of our iSCSI Arrays, so I know it's characteristics quite well. We have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of customers that have our Arrays hooked up to Cisco switches of one sort or another, but 3750G is among the most common, and I have never seen this type of behavior on this type of switch before. This includes our own internal networks; we have 3750G (mostly the older 1.5U) and 3750-E stacks all over the place internally.

That's why I'm trying to understand what the "link fault" is trying to tell me exactly; it's a puzzle that this is the only time I've seen this out of literally hundreds of similar configurations.

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