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Random Network Traffic Loss(HELP)

I have a hybrid 6509 MFSC32/SUP2 running about 60% processor usage peak on the switch, and recently netop has been showing me huge losses in network traffic payload, and during these times users are complaining about network slowness and windows file sharing working offline etc. We've rebooted the 6509. We've replaced the main 10/100/1000 ethernet blade with a spare, we've rebooted servers, we've done network packet captures, we've looked at errors on ports, nothing comes up as a problem. We never loose icmp connectivity to the devices or servers and the main traffic affected is SMB/CIFS. Any ideas?

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Re: Random Network Traffic Loss(HELP)

High processor CPU (on a 6500), I believe, probably indicates some issue. If you haven't already, you might want to review:

Whatever is causing the high packet loss (same cause for the high CPU?), the high packet loss likely accounts for the poor network performance, including SMB/CIFS.

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Re: Random Network Traffic Loss(HELP)

Yeah, thanks we've checked all the usual suspects. 60% is our peak processor usage and doesn't stay there long our average is 30-40% over time. This weird traffic issue just started 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if anyone has seen a new worm or recent microsoft OS patch or virus etc that may be doing it.

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