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Rate-limit on Catalyst6509

I try to use rate-limit on interface 6748-SFP but It's not drop. Just have same packets conform. Do I need add more command for use rate-limit?

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Re: Rate-limit on Catalyst6509

Rate limiting is a useful way of ensuring that a particular device or traffic class does not consume more bandwidth than expected. On the Catalyst 6500 series switch Ethernet ports, the supported rate-limiting method is called policing. Policing is implemented in the PFC hardware with no performance impact. A policer operates by allowing the traffic to flow freely as long as the traffic rate remains below the configured transmission rate. Traffic bursts are allowed, provided that they are within the configured burst size. Any traffic that exceeds the configured rate and burst can be either dropped or marked down to a lower priority. The benefit of policing is that it can constrain the amount of bandwidth that a particular application consumes, which helps ensure quality of service on the network, especially during abnormal network conditions such as a virus or worm attack.

Refer to the scenario discussed in the document for rate limiting the traffic

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