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Rate-limiting on 6509


Comcast has installed two metro ethernet switches, this is a 300 Mbps line.  One in our primary campus and one in our off site campus.  The primary and off site campus will have have a P-to-P link.  In our Primary campus, the comcast metro ethernet switch will plug int a copper port on a 6509 V-E.

On our off site campus, the comcast metro ethernet switch will plug int oa copper port on a 6509.

Comcast has made the following recommendations:

- Set the speed and duplex to 1000/Mb Full duplex

- Rate limit to 300 Mbps on each port to where I plug in the metro ethernet switch in the 6509 on both the Primary and off site campus.

Can some help me with how I would configure this?

Thank You

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Rate-limiting on 6509


Usually rate limiting is done for slower WAN links (i.e. T1, Frame rely low speed DSL, etc..)300 Mbps is a lot a bandwidth.  Are you actually receiving more than 300 Mbps of traffic at all times that requires you to rate limit. Have a look at your data traffic during pick hours and figure out how much data is passing through the link.  You may not need to rate limit at all.  It is just because Comcast is telling you to rate limit, it does mean you need it.

Here is a link to the 6500 command reference guide with example:


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Rate-limiting on 6509

They want me to rate limit in the egress direction of each switchport where the comcast switches plug into.

The reason they want me to do this is so that if traffic we send to them exceeds 300 Mbps, it doesn't start dropping the traffic.

Would the following work?:

class-map match-all matchany

  match any

policy-map police:300mbps

  class match-all

   police cir 300000000

interface x/x

service-policy output police:300mbps

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