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Rate-limits on a 6500/MSFC2 CatOS

I have an application that consumes most of the available WAN bandwidth during off-peak hours. Occasionally it runs on into peak hours and severely degrades WAN performance. The WAN router is SP managed, so I can not perform rate-limiting there.

Traffic from this application comes from a server connected to a WS-X6148A-TX port on the Cat and exits on a port on the same card to the SP managed router. The connection to the router is "routed" in that it is on a separate /30 Vlan than the user LAN traffic.

What I would like to do is rate-limit this traffic during prime time. What is the best way to enforce the rate limit? With a policer on the ingress interface? Some other method? Is there any way to make this time sensitive? If I were using IOS rather than CatOS, would this be easier?

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Re: Rate-limits on a 6500/MSFC2 CatOS

Ok, I was able to configure a policer and apply it to ingress port 4/18 as follows:

set qos enable

set qos acl ip LIMIT-BACKUP-BW dscp 0 aggregate BACKUP-1mbps tcp any host

commit qos acl all

set qos policer aggregate BACKUP-1mbps rate 1000 policed-dscp erate 1000 drop burst 26 eburst 26

set qos acl map LIMIT-BACKUP-BW 4/18

This seems to work fairly well, and drops bandwidth consumption by this app close to 1 mbps.

Now, if I could just figure out how to make this time sensitive, I would be all set. Any ideas?

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