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Re-routing to gateway by 877

....misleading title...

In few words I have to access the ISP router from internet but this is allowed only from LAN side

The ISP router ethernet port is exclusively conected to Vlan2 on a cisco 877 which provides the real routing/natting/port forwarding as the whole traffic from DSL line traffic is forwarded totally to 877 Vlan2 ip address.

The 877 Vlan1 serves the real office LAN

This is the simple scenario:

DSL------------[ISP Router][Vlan2  877 Vlan1] Switch

How I can configure (if possible) my 877 to redirect Internet packets adressed to mypublicip:8080 to (the ISP router administration page) ?

I tried a line like :

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface Vlan2 8080

but it doesn't work ( and it's not a nat inside, )

Any suggestion please ??

Thank you

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