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Really basic: connecting to console switch 2960-s


Here is a really basic question:

i'm trying to connect to the console of a catalyst 2960-s, using a regular micro-usb cable, AND/OR a regular rj-45 with a db rs-232 converter.

With the usb cable: one end in the usb port on the switch, the other end on a usb port on my laptop (windows 7 64bits)

i installed what i think is the most recent driver (usb to serail adapter) the 64 bits version. In my hardware manager, i can see without error the port that has been created (USB serial port COM5), the drivers work correctly. When i plugged the usb cable after installing the drivers, windows just found the correct drivers for the usb, and installed it without error. (Usb port00).

Now, trying to connect to COM5 with putty, with settings: 9600 bps, 8,1 no parity, no flow control: error message: unable to open serial port.

Trying with 115200bps (and changing the settings in the hardware management too) and same thing.

I then tryed with a regular RJ-45 cable (no cross, no rollover) connected to a DB rj-45-RS-232 and plugged it in another computer, on the serial port (COM1) in the hardware management,

again, with putty, same setings, with com1, cannot open the port.

This is very frustrating, i seem to have trying everything on all forums on google, and respected every aspect on the cisco manual, and it just doesn't work.

Is there something that i forget? i feel like it's something very silly, simple, i will probably tap my head on the desk when i find out, but for now, i'm stucked outside the the switch console, and i can't do anything.

Note that when i connect the usb cable, i can see the LED next to USB on the switch turning on, and when i connect the rj-45, the led goes back to rj-45..

Do i need a special cable? another kind of USB cable? Do i need crossover RJ-45? What do i need exactly? Is there something i'm not doing right?

Thanks much!



Re: Really basic: connecting to console switch 2960-s

  I think most people use a USB to serial adaptor , like this  , always works great. you have a serial to rj45 plugged into this . Cisco used to include those with the equipment , not sure if they still do .

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Re: Really basic: connecting to console switch 2960-s

Sorry for the delay, been realy buzy here. Looks like the only way to connect to the CLI is via the cisco RJ-45/RS-232 cable (the pale blue one). I dont know if someone ever been able to use the USB port, but it looks blocked. We had to order the cable (for 20 bucks, not so bad)


Re: Really basic: connecting to console switch 2960-s

I'm pretty sure you can use a regular console cable, and connect to the front console port on a 2960-s.

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