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Reasonably priced endpoint bandwidth monitoring in BYOD network?

Please save me from this Cisco nightmare!

I manage a BYOD network in a shared office complex. It is connected to 75mbps FCCT broadband via a Cisco 1921. I bought the 1921 because the old Draytek wasn't stable enough.


Obviously I need to monitor the upload / download consumed by the users. To my total supprise, I've wasted days trying to find a solution that will actually work with Cisco. I've tried (with the help of their tech support) PRTG only to find that is won't work unless all the endpoints are static IPs. Obviously this is not really feasable.  

I've had a look at ntopng, but I really don't want to be unsupported. All the others I've found cost £1000s and I have little faith that they'll work any better than PRTG.


I've gotta be missing something obvious??




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Are the users wired or

Are the users wired or wireless?

How do you identify one user from the other?

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Currently we have both wired

Currently we have both wired and wireless, however I'm thinking of putting the wireless network behind a hotspot controller.

In terms of identification the ideal solution would allow me to label the MAC addresses of regular users and generate a monthly report.

All I need to be able to do is spot when a user is getting a bit greedy, I'm open to suggestions?

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I've just wasted another

I've just wasted another afternoon on the web with zero luck. I can't believe how difficult this is. I talked directly to Cisco about it, some barely understandable guy on the phone sang the praises of a Cisco product that required clients to be installed on every endpoint!! How is that going to work on BYOD network??

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