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Reboot during Upgrade - Catalyst C3750G & 3750E

We sometimes push IOS upgrades to mixed stacks of C3750E & C3750G switches via Cisco Network Assistant.  Sometimes the first switch (master switch) will reboot during the image upload before it is done.  Anyone know why that would happen?  The first two switches are 3750E.  The rest are 3750G.  Some stacks are four switches some are seven switches high.  No high CPU or low memory messages in the log prior to the upload.

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Hi,I am not sure what command


I am not sure what command send CNA to switch during upgrade. If you are uploading IOS in *.tar. format so one of commands can be "archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp://".

In upgrade procedure with cmd archive download-sw (with *.tar file ) is to reload switch after upload and extraction of image is done. So maybe CNA send commend with /reload option and switch is reloaded.

It is also because you want to boot to new one image and it is not possible without reboot and without modification of "boot system imagename"statement in configuration.



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We have the option at the end

We have the option at the end of the upload to "not" reload,  which is what we chose because we wanted to reboot later.  If CNA asks if we wanted to reload, I have to assume that it is not including the "/reload" portion of the command.


So then I would configure

So then I would configure remote syslog and check what command were issued by CNA user. But probably i think CNA is using HTTP/S to connect/manage switch. So you will not see nothing in logs.



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Correct.  The switches do

Correct.  The switches do have a remote syslog but it did not log the commands from CNA.

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