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New Member

Recommended IOS for 3925E

Hey ,

Can any one suggest me the best IOS image for router 3925E .

Currentry we are running c3900e-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-1.T.bin & I want to upgrade the Image. Traffis running through router is Voice and Data.

Thanks in advance.

VIP Purple

Re: Recommended IOS for 3925E

I didn't jump on the 15.3 train yet as that is too new and these new versions have too many "challenges". If you don't need any new functions, the most stable version is probably 15.1.4M7 or 15.2.4M5. If you want to stay on 15.3, then 15.3.1T3 is the newest update to your running version.

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New Member

Re: Recommended IOS for 3925E

Thanks Karsten for your support ...

Cisco Employee

Recommended IOS for 3925E

Why do you want to upgrade the IOS on the router? If everything is working ok, dont break it by upgrading it to anither software. If I dont have any specific hardware or software requirements, I would not upgrade the router's IOS. Is there anything specific you are looking for?


-amit singh

New Member

Re: Recommended IOS for 3925E

Amit ,

As such there is no software and hardware requirement. But we arre using GETVPN in our network and there is some addition in the timers in15.3(2)Tversion. But this version is very new, launched in Dec 13.

So finally I decided not to go with the updated version, as such we not facing any problem with runn version.


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