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Recommended uplink bandwidth

Hi all, I was recently on the ccda course, is it correct that the recommended maximum bandwidth for a port to uplink port ratio is around 25/1 , so 25 meg on switch, 1 meg uplink?


Re: Recommended uplink bandwidth

This would depend on the design of the network.

Yes its right and i too fell the ratio defined is best by cisco.

I deal it with 25-Internal/1-External

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Re: Recommended uplink bandwidth

The 25:1 (or 24:1) ratio is really a rough rule of thumb for "ordinary" users hosts. Depending on the nature of the downstream hosts, and host speeds, the ratio might need to be decreased or you might be able to increase it. For instance, if the downstream hosts are servers, or very active user hosts (e.g. CADD workstations), a much lower ratio such as 8:1 or 4:1 might be suitable. If "ordinary" user hosts are connected with copper gig, and assuming they don't actually send/receive any more data then when connected at 100 Mbps, a 48:1 ratio might be fine.

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