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redundancy not configure for 2 core switch?

dear sir,

we wish to configure both catalyst 6509 switch for redundancy. With refer to both show tech-support attachment, we can see some vlan like vlan301,vlan303 which are configured on pgcat1 core switch is not configured on pgcat4 core switch. Hereby we can explain that redundancy of vlan & spanning tree doesn't appear within 2 core switch .pgcat1 is the primary core switch that always there. pgcat4 is the switch that relocated from other company and now it's for our company use. I believe we should take pgcat4 config to match pgcat1 for redundancy creation. Please refer to both attachment and advise. Your effort shall be highly appreciated.

thank you very much.



Re: redundancy not configure for 2 core switch?

Hi Friend,

I have gone through you configuration for both the switches. I have seen that Vlan database is same in both the switches as per the L2 vlans. HSRP is also configured on both the switches with HSRP load balncing. PGCat1 is root switch for even number of vlans and standby for some of the odd vlans and has active L3 vlan interface for routing among the vlans.

PGCat4 is active for odd vlans and standby for some of the even vlans and has the layer 3 interfaces for the same.

There are all of the vlans in vlan database on PGCat4 switch. However Layer 3 interfaces doesnot exist of the following vlans : 301,302,303,305,306,309,311,333,399

Hence, there is no redundancy for these vlans. In case PGCat1 goes down, all the other vlans will become active will forward the traffic except all the above listed.

There is one more thing that I have noticed, that is the inconsistency they way vlan redundancy has been designed. You have to make sure that both the at layer 2 and Layer the active switch as to be same.I would suggest to properly design it again and have all the even vlans converge on one switch with active layer3 vlan interfaces.have all the odd vlans converged on the other switch with active vlan layer 3 interfaces.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

New Member

Re: redundancy not configure for 2 core switch?

hi amit,

thank you for your reply and helps. So you find out i need to somethings with pgcat4 right? you think what command i should apply on the vlans 301,302,303,305,306,309,311,333,399 for pgcat4?

thank you very much for your helps.

Appreciated a lots!

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