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Redundant Loop, Please help...

Good day, I will tell you the exact configuration of this scenario. I have 3 Cisco Switches 2950G-12-EI. S1/P1 connected to HostA, S1/P2 to S2/P2, S1/P3 to S3/P3, S3/P4 to S2/P4, S2/P1 to HostB. I want another redundant looping, which is S1/P5 to S2/P5, S1/P6 to S3/P6, S3/P7 to S2/P7. While im pinging from HostA to HostB then I shutdown all the connections of S1 to S2, including the one connection from S1 to S2 and S2 to S3, I will not encounter a timeout. I did try this succesfully using a 2 Switches 2950G-12-EI, connected with a redundant cable. I used a command of #channel-group 1 mode on, for the 4 ports of S1 and S2, then I did not encounter a timeout. But when I applied this channel-group using 3 Switches scenario, the S3 switches is shutting down. Im aware that each group are only allowed of eight physical group on each channel-group. Please let me know if you have other idea if how I can solve this. Thank you very much and I will wait for your reply, Nes of Riyadh, Saudi Oger LTD. I attached here the scenario map.


Re: Redundant Loop, Please help...

To ensure support for redundant loop configurations when using the GigaStack GBIC in a cascaded stack configuration, make sure that every switch in the stack is running at least the minimum IOS Release listed in URL :

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