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Redundant Switch suggestion


Currently running 6509(Sup-II,MSFC2)Main, having 3750(3 switches stacked)as redundant, HSRP configured,with this setup it is working fine. since the network utilization has become more in recent days, i think 3750 will not sustain, earlier on 6509 the backplane was 10% & now it has come to 15-20%, so certainly 3750 will not sustain. so keeping this mind, so i hav thought of 4500 Series switches, bcoz of 64Gbps backplane(if more than this also wold be fine)etc.. not really required to have a Standby Sup & Standby power supply on 4500 series switch. so can any one suggest the exact switch for my requirement, also does 1300W power supply of 6509 will fit on 4500 series switch(i don't think so) but juz wanted to know.


Re: Redundant Switch suggestion

Not sure why you think the 3750 won't handle it with a 32 gig backplane I think that is pretty darn close to a 6509 Sup II . What is the 3750 running for utilization ? Even if its running 30-40 % there is certainly nothing wrong with that . Just because the 3750 has a smaller footprint doesn't mean it can't handle the job , the 6509 is based on a chassis that is 10 years old at this point . If you have an unlimited IT budget have at it , also 15-20% on a 6509 is nothing . The power supplies between a 6509 and 4500 are not interchangable . We have the 3750 running the internet connections for a major company and they are not even breaking a sweat .

Re: Redundant Switch suggestion

thanks for ur post, i know that 15-20% is nothing for 6509, but when 3750 has got a backplane 1ly of 32Gbps, so i was assuming that it will not sustain comparing to 15-20% utilization on 6509. so with ur response i can take it granted that 3750 will even sustain max. of 30-40% utilization happening on a 6509 isn't?. MPEG file are running on the network.basically in to satellite channels where all the MPEG files will be edited over the network itself & that is why the network utilization is 15-20%. this 6509 is the core switch & the 3750 is the standby switch running HSRP.

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