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Regional Bell operating company

Hi every body!

I am reading " Network warrior" by OReilly press. That's what my book says;

"In 1899, AT$T acquired Bell.For almost 100 years AT$T and its Bell system operated as a legally sanctioned ,though regulated ,monoploy building what was by all accounts the best telephone system in the world.

In 1984 , a judge divided the AT$T 's bell system into 7 RBOC or baby bells. AT$T remained a long distance service provider."

1) These RBOC were allowed to offer local land line telephone service in their respective areas. For long distance

, they use AT$T as their carrier. Is it correct?

another excerpt from the book.

" The telecommunication deregulation Act in 1996, allowed RBOCs to offer local, long distance and international services.

Each of these original 7 RBOC was given region in which it was allowed to do business"

For example

Pacific bell ca,nv

Bell Atlantic WV,va,pa,nj,de,md

Nynex ny,CT,ri,ma,nh,me,vt

In 1996, verizon bought Nynex and bell atlantic.

2) I lived in chicago , and indeed found RBOC "Ameritech" offering land line phone service. i lived in newyork too but did not find verizon offering landline phone service. May be is it because verizon bought these RBOC , but they continue to operate under the same name in their respective areas?

thanks a lot!

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