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Regular Reloads

I have been looking for about an hour (my google-fu is obviously not as strong as others) for some form of documentation that would provide a suggested period of time before a reload is suggested just for routine maintenance and upkeep of the equipment.  So my question is three fold:  Does such a document exist?  If it doesn't, does Cisco actually recommend reloading switches as part of a routine maintenance schedule?  If they do, what is that timeframe?  Any information is truly appreciated!!!


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Re: Regular Reloads


I could say that we dont have anywere recorded on data sheet that you have to reboot the device after such period of time.

But I dont want to upset and let you go with the above answer. Here is what I can say with my experience:


I have seen many customer scheduling the MW to perform the reload of there boxes once a year.... just to make sure that everything is fine(I.e all hardware comes up properly when they do the reload activity.)


Similar discussion was held:--




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Re: Regular Reloads

Thanks for the information!

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Regular Reloads

It doesn't matter how "old" or "new" your IOS in your appliances are, I always find an "excuse" to reboot everything network gear I have every year.

My core equipment gets an IOS (bootstrap too) upgrade.

My access switch gets an IOS upgrade everytime I see an IOS version I like to run.

I can't say for everyone, but some people I use to work with, the word "regular" and the phrase "IOS upgrade" should never be mentioned.  The reason why some people are very afraid of doing software maintenance is because:

1.  They are afraid that a simple IOS upgrade may cause a component or appliance to fail;

2.  The trouble caused when downstream clients designed poorly; and

3.  Not a lot of people know how to do an IOS upgrade.

NOTE:  I did a few "tripped over the power cable". 

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Re: Regular Reloads


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I've worked with multiple Cisco devices that have run (in production) up to 8 years without a reload (not that I'm recommending it).

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Regular Reloads

Hi Aaron,

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