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New Member

Remove old 6500 config

Can someone please tell me how to remove some old config from a 6500 switch. We used to have a module in slot 8 of our 6509 and we no longer have this configuration. The interfaces still show up in the config as:

interface gig8/1

no ip address


This module is removed and does not show up when I do a show module. How do I remove this from the config all together? Thanks in advance!


Re: Remove old 6500 config

Use the following command.

6509-4A(config)#module ?

6509-4A(config)#module clear-config

You may have to insert and remove the module from the slot for the above command to take effect.



New Member

Re: Remove old 6500 config

I tried using this command but it did not work. I just got a new 6506 in and fired it up with the 6724 card in slot 1 and the switch built the interfaces like it should. Once it was up and running I moved the 6724 card to slot 2 and it built the interfaces like it should. I then ran the above command 6506(config)#module clear-config but the gig1/1 - 24 interfaces are still showing in the running config. Any idea how I remove this config without reloading the switch?

New Member

Re: Remove old 6500 config

Does anyone have a suggestion?

New Member

Re: Remove old 6500 config

did you ever get a workable fix (short of rebooting the switch)?

we just moved a blade as well, and the old config for the blade is still listed.

Cisco Employee

Re: Remove old 6500 config

I have seen similar cases where this can happen if the module is removed

before "module clear-config" is set AFTER the module is already pulled

from the chassis. Since you have already configured "module

clear-config", can you put the original module back into the chassis, wait for it

to come up completely, then remove it? This should do the trick.

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