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remove VTP domain name

Is there a way to remove the VTP domain name on an IOS-based Catalyst switch without resetting?

In 'vlan database' mode I have tried the following which do NOT work:

no vtp domain XYZ

no vtp domain

vtp domain ""

vtp domain NULL

(now you have the string 'NULL' as your domain).

Please advise,



Re: remove VTP domain name

Did you try it from global config mode , "no vtp domain ? If it is a new switch then it should be done from global config mode not the old vlan database . I would just leave it as null , its not hurting anything like that .

Re: remove VTP domain name

There is no way of doing that in CatOS. That has been done on purpose. The idea was that the null domain was a particular one where the switch was "gleaning" a domain name from the network. When you are in this condition, you cannot configure anything VTP related. Once you have a domain and an associated configuration, you can't go back to the NULL domain without releasing the VTP configuration. Now, the problem is that you cannot clear the VTP configuration without clearing the whole switch configuration. There has been an enhancement bug open for that (so that we could clear the VTP config without altering the rest of the config) but it was not committed into the code, probably because of lack of interest for the feature.

CatOS is behaving the way VTP was originally designed. IOS is behaving differently, and allows you to configure VTP in null domain and clear the domain name. One bad consequence of that (I think), is that you can run your network in the null domain and then suddently lose all your config if a bridge with a domain configured is inserted in the network. This because a bridge in NULL domain is in this gleaning mode. That's not very nice obviously... Note that I'm not very knowledgeable about VTP in IOS and this may have been somehow fixed.



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Re: remove VTP domain name


Thanks very much for the detailed answer. That is exactly what I wanted to know - it can't be done without resetting all VTP parameters. This is not a problem in our environment - it's just that another experienced engineer and I were completely focused on accomplishing this minor task and we couldn't do it.

Thanks again,


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