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removing VLANs from a SVCLC group

Hello experts,

I wish to remove a vlan form a svclc group (65K, IOS) in order to create a new group containing this vlan (for further association of same vlan to different service modules). All docs I have read explain pretty well how to create svclc groups with desired vlans, but havent been able to get info in the best procedure to remove vlans. My worries are that this behaves as a 802.1Q trunk where you should re-write the whole list of accepterd vlans, or use the add command, in order to avoid loosing vlans.

current config is:

svclc vlan-group 100 4,70,72,166,167,414

svclc module 1 vlan-group 100


svclc vlan-group 100 4,70,72,166,167

svclc vlan-group 101 414

svclc module 1 vlan-group 100,101

svlc module 2 vlan-group 101

Thanks in advance!


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Re: removing VLANs from a SVCLC group

Im going to answer my own question, just in case someone has the same doubt. I veryfied in a 6509 with Sup 720. Dont remember the IOS version, but was under 12.2(SX).

In order to remove a vlan already part of a svclc vlan-group, just use the no form of the command:

no svclc vlan-group X 100, where X is the group number and 100 is the vlan being removed.

In order to add vlans to a svclc group, use the svclc vlan-group for the specific group and vlan:

svclc vlan-group X 101

There is no need to re-write the whole list of vlans, as in a trunk when not using the add/remove commands.

This same logic applies to adding and/or removing svclc vlan-groups to modules.

Hopes this turns helpful some day.


Thanks fot this.

Thanks fot this.

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