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Replace sup module in 4507 switch

We have a 4507 switch with two supervisor modules (WS-X45-SUP6L-E) for redundancy and I need I need to replace the standby one due to some issue we experience and Cisco recommends to replace  it. Is there any step bt step  document i can download that shows how to replace a supervisor 6L-E in an 4507 switch ?



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Hey Jack, I see your post is

Hey Jack, I see your post is 2 years old with no responses. I'm doing the same thing in a few days. Did you ever find such a document or do you care to share how this replacement went (if you remember).

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Hi Jim,Before you insert the

Hi Jim,

Before you insert the new module you need to make sure the IOS ver is the same on the new sup. This way you shouldn't have any sync issues between the active and the standby sups.

The step are pretty simple remove the standby sup and replace it with the new one. If the sup you are replacing is the active one you can do it in two ways remove the active one and it should fail over right away and the standby sup will become the active one or you can fail over with the following command from the CLI "redundancy force-switchover".

 Good luck.




Hi, Follow this:+Remove the



Follow this:

+Remove the connections to the supervisor module


+Remove the card from the chassis


+Install new supervisor in same the slot and let it boot up


+Once the sup is up and running then copy the image from the active to the standby with this command:

WS-C4507R#copy bootflash:(current image on the active sup)slavebootflash:


+Set the boot variable and save the memory on the active so that it gets in sync with the standby:

WS-C4507R(config)#no boot system

WS-C4507R(config)#boot system bootflash:(ccurrent image on the active sup)



+Reload the secondary sup so that it comes up with the same IOS of the active:

WS-C4507R#redundancy reload peer


+Check that redundancy is on SSO mode


Hope this helps.

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