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Replace Sup2 eng with Sup720 on 6513

I have a 6513 Cat switch running IOS we want to replace the two Sup2 eng with two Sup720 Eng, my problem is that the Sup2 eng uses slot 1 & 2 and the Sup720 uses slot 7 & 8 . I have a fiber module in 6, 7 & 8 and IDS in slot 5, along with ethernet module in 3,4,9 and flexwan in slot 13. Why cant the Sup720 go in slot 1, 2

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Re: Replace Sup2 eng with Sup720 on 6513

Been there, did that back in 2003.   In a 6513, only slots 7-13 have access to both switch fabrics and the Sup720 needs both.   You will also find that most of the high-speed gigabit cards, such as the X6748-GE-TX also need to be in the bottom slots.    If you need to free up more high-speed slots, move everything that can work in the upper 6 slots, like the flex-wan module.  Seems like I also had to replace the fan-tray with the high-speed fan tray 2.

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