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Replace SUP720 on 6509-E

Hi All,

I wish to replace the SUP720 engine on my 6509-E. The environment where this device is hosted is susceptible to hardware failures during powercycles hence I wish if I could replace only the SUP with the current IOS and not have to reload the chasis. Below steps I believe would acheive those results , need suggestions its good to go.

  1. Remove flash from the new SUP and place it in the currently installed SUP (to be replaced) in the chasis.
  2. Copy the current IOS and Startup config on the external Disk.
  3. Remove the disk from the existing SUP and place it back onto the new SUP.
  4. Remove the existing SUP from the Chasis and insert the new SUP.
  5. Break the boot sequence and let it go into ROMMON.
  6. From there boot the switch from the IOS copied on external flash Disk0.
  7. When the switch boots with the desired IOS delete the existing startup config file from NVRAM.
  8. Copy the startup-config ( earlier copied from the old SUP) from disk 0 to NVRAM.
  9. Copy startup config to running config.
  10. Copy the IOS onto sup-bootflash.
  11. Change the bootvar to point to the sup-bootflash
  12. Configure the secondary bootvar as the IOS in disk0.

This will restore the switch back to its original config with the original IOS, without needing a reboot for the chasis and manually having to configure the switch via the console.

Thanks in Advance


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Replace SUP720 on 6509-E


As per what I can see you have everything cover. That will help you as you mentioned not to reboot and power cyle the whole chassis.


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