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Replacement for WS-SUP720-3B & 6708-10G

We have a few 6509's w/ WS-SUP720-3B sup engines, that will need to be replaced because of their EoX status.

We'd like to replace them w/ Sup 2T's, since they're the latest, supports 80G per slot, and pricepoint isn't that much higher than 720-10G's.

Also, by not buying the 720-10G's, we'll be able to prolong our investment, since Cisco keeps announcing EoX on products that are still viable.

Anyways, we also have 6708 linecards, that are apparently not supported by Sup 2T's.

So this means if we want Sup 2T's, we'll also need to replace all the 6708's that are still in great shape.(we know they only do 40G into switching fabric, but we'd like to keep our investment)

What I don't understand is, why is the lower end mode of 6704 supported by Sup 2T, but not 6708??

Is anyone in the same boat as us?

What's your plan if you have Sup 720-3B, AND 6708 linecards?

Could you share your strategy?

If anyone from Cisco is reading this post, could you please share the insight on the decision to not support 6708 on the Sup 2T?

Are you going to give customers 6908's for free, when they're stuck in this situation?



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Re: Replacement for WS-SUP720-3B & 6708-10G

Anyways, we also have 6708 linecards, that are apparently not supported by Sup 2T's.

So this means if we want Sup 2T's, we'll also need to replace all the 6708's that are still in great shape

Unfortunately, you CANNOT upgrade the daughter card of the 6708.  The DFC3 is wielded to the main motherboard.

You may need to talk to your Cisco account team and ask them if you can get some discounts for trading the 6708 in.

Whilst you are upgrading to the Sup2T, the new 6800IA is compatible to the Sup2T.

If you are interested in upgrading your 6500 chassis, look at the 6880-X or 6807-X.

Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Switches

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Re: Replacement for WS-SUP720-3B & 6708-10G

I agree with Leo.  If you have a lots of these cards, you maybe able to negotiate a deal with Cisco, but if you are talking about a few of these then you most likely have to pay the full price. If you are planning to use the 6800 series chassis, all the cards that work with Sup-2T will also work in 6807 chassis including Sup-2T.

They had pretty good deal this year at Cisco Live for the 6800 series chassis.


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Re: Replacement for WS-SUP720-3B & 6708-10G

Thank you both for the reply.

We are aware of the new Cat 6800's.

They look decent, and we don't mind buying them, but only when we want to.

I feel like we're being forced to give up the 6708 linecards that we just bought 4 years ago, just because the Sup 2T's don't support them.


We have the same problem w/ our wireless infrastructure.

We've got an army of WiSM1's, and 1130 WAP's, which we do have a plan to replace w/ WiSM2/Flex7500, and 2602 WAP's.

However, we also have campuses that need to purchase new AP's now, before we can upgrade all the WiSM1's.

We don't want to purchase 1140's because they'll be EoX'd, if not already.

However, we can't purchase 2602's because their minimal requirement is 7.2, which the WiSM1's don't support.


Then again w/ the NAC platform...we just refreshed all of our campuses w/ NAC3310 appliances a few years ago, and only to be told they won't support ISE. (minimum is NAC3315)


I apologize for ranting in this forum, but am just frustrated that Cisco's upgrade path doesn't allign w/ ours.

It just seems we're in a constant cycle of spending a lot of money for equipment, that can't last over 5 years.

I suppose if we use them until the last day of support then it can be used for longer period, but we all know the fleet management doesn't work that way...can't replace over 100 campuses overnight w/ new equipment.

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Replacement for WS-SUP720-3B & 6708-10G

Hey Huang,

No apologies.  You are in the same predicament as us.  I, personally, have stopped depending on our SE/AM for any developments.

Instead, I now depend 100% on CSC Forums for the same info.

A few months ago, I met Cisco "in country" Sales Engineer for Wireless.  I now gave him the moniker of "Mr.  Upgrade" because the answer to all our questions and concern is "... upgrade your ".

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