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Replacing a cluster member in a 3750 stack.

Say I have a setup like this:

cluster enable core 0

cluster member 1 mac-address 0011.2196.d800 vlan 303

cluster member 2 mac-address 0011.5cc2.b500 vlan 303

cluster member 3 mac-address 0011.9247.b500 vlan 303

And the second cluster member switch dies and needs to be rma'ed.

To add that switch in so it will take on the config of the second switch, would it be as simple as:

conf t

cluster member 2 mac-address [new mac] vlan 303


write mem

And then plugging it into the stack?


Re: Replacing a cluster member in a 3750 stack.

If you have to replace a switch on the stack that is not the master, is a member then there is no need to turn off the whole stack you can just replace the device by taking out the stackwise cables on the back and putting the other one in. But on this case if you want to keep the current master as the master of the stack then you will have to turn off all members of the stack to avoid that other devise get elected as the master. Otherwise if you dont want to have this device as the master then you can

just disconnect this one and another device will be elected as master, once you are ready to add the previous master to the stack, the this one will be added as another member of the stack. Remember that once the master is disconnected the stack will be reloaded so another device can be elected as the new master.

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