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Replacing a switch in a stack which has a different ISO


I have a 3 switch stack 

Switch   Ports  Model              SW Version              SW Image
------   -----  -----              ----------              ----------
*    1   52     WS-C3750-48P       12.2(25)SEB4            C3750-IPBASE-M
     2   52     WS-C3750-48P       12.2(25)SEB4            C3750-IPBASE-M
     3   52     WS-C3750-48P       12.2(25)SEB4            C3750-IPBASE-M

Switch 3 has failed so I need to replace it. (So its not the master at least)

 However the above switches are all WS-C3750-48P Version ID V05 Running 12.2(25)SEB4  IPBASED and the spare I have is a WS-C3750-48-P 12.2(35)SE5 using an IPSERVICES image

Will it work if I add it to the stack ? 



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Also have tired to obtain the

Also have tired to obtain the Software from the Cisco download section but cannot locate it anywhere !


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Hi,in order to get stack


in order to get stack fully functional you will have to perform upgrade/downgrade manually, since the auto-upgrade and auto-advise features do not work if the switch master and switch that is in VM mode run different feature sets.

One option is to use archive copy-sw  command. Which means that you will copy sw from stack master to switch that is running the incompatible software. Check the link bellow.

in my opinion you should consider upgrading the stack to one of the recommended and stable versions.

i hope this helps.


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I don't know, but with that big a jump (or any difference) between IOS versions, I would be very concerned.

What you could do is copy your IOS from either of your remaining switches and run it on the replacement.

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