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Replacing Defective Redundant Sup-720


I would like to seek your help guys on how to replace a defective redundant sup. I read on several articles that inserting new redundant sup should not be an issue as the active sup will always send its configuation to the standby. We are running SSO on the Sup720. Should I switch it to RPR before I install the redundant sup? I read a case wherein they switched it to RPR from SSO before inserting the new redundant sup. My concern is the IOS mismatch since Cisco doesn't always send the same IOS on RMAs.

What I am planning is this.

1. Save/Backup configuration

2. Remove the redundant sup on slot 8 (since it is a 6513)

3. Insert the new redundant sup on slot 8.

4. Check if all the configurations were synced from slot 7 to slot 8.

5. Copy the IOS from sup-bootflash to slavesup-bootflash. (if the IOS are not the same)

6. Check show bootvar to see if the boot variables are correct.

7. If bootvar is the same, reload slot 8 to boot the new IOS.

Is this a good plan or am I missing something? I am worried with this document if the redundant sup has a different software. If i insert the card in slot8, according to Cisco, it will revert to RPR. If slot 8 boots and it has a different OS, then slot 7 will switch to RPR even if it's active. Would I still be able to access the slavesup-bootflash of slot 8? Is it going to boot 100%? I read that doing a force switchover will cause a flip and RPR would cause the line cards to reinitialize and I don't want that. Well I am not going to do a force switchover since i want slot7 to be active and retain slot 8 as hot. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.


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Replacing Defective Redundant Sup-720

Hi John,

You do not need to switch to RPR.  SSO works fine.  Your steps are correct.  Once the sup boots you should be able to copy the IOS from the active sup into your stand-by (new) sup.  Just in case, make sure to have an external CF card with the correct IOS ready.  If you are not able to copy the IOS from the active sup, you can console to the stand-by and load the image from the external CF  Once that is complete you can change your boot variable, reboot the stand-by and then both sups should from SSO again.  Make sure you do this during an outage window incase something goes wrong.


Re: Replacing Defective Redundant Sup-720

Thanks for the reply. I will try to look for a spare CF card. Too bad I do not have a window time to do this.

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Replacing Defective Redundant Sup-720

You need a window time for this, as you never know what can go wrong. There is always that 5% chance.  The nice thing about your is that you are replacing the stand-by, so the impact is less...

Good Luck

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