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Rescue Configuration !!

hi all, i checked out juniper routers and 1 feature that impressed me a lot was the rescue configuration, is there a possible way that i make a standard configruation and store it on router, and when my configuration changes for some purpose and i am locked out of the router then the person at the site just need to restart it or do something so that this time my rescue configuration takes place of running config ?? guys who are familiar with juniper may have a good idea of what i am talking about so is there any way to do the same in cisco ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Rescue Configuration !!

Yes, we have the same feature available.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

New Member

Re: Rescue Configuration !!

Dear Amit, thanks for the reply, but it requires some1 to log in to the console right ? i want some automatic mechanism like juniper to revert back to some rescue configuration ?


Re: Rescue Configuration !!

well I understand what you are talking about, BUT I do not find a good use for it.

As I see it:

what you do is simply.

wr mem

set time for router reload fx in 30 minutes.

do not use the command write mem

if you loose contact with the router it will reboot itself after 30 minutes and you will have contact with it again.

if you want to be quick about it set it to reload in 5 minutes.

No need for anyone to go there and do something at all.

Is this a working solution for you ?

New Member

Re: Rescue Configuration !!

You could have all your devices load their configurations via TFTP/FTP.

In this mode of configuration management, all your configs would need to be loaded on a central server, and each router configured to pull it's config from that server. On the routers/switches, you would have a very basic configuration stored in NVRAM or ROMMON with the necessary configuration information to enable the device to pull those configs.

By using this method and performing periodic (nightly) configuration captures, you can roll back as far as needed.

However, that device isn't going to boot fully unless it can reach the TFTP/FTP server.

Explore the BOOT CONFIG TFTP command.

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