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RIP redistribution in to OSPF breaks when 1OSPF path goes down

Hi All,

I'm failing to understand why the RIP redistribution is breaking when I shutdown interface 0/0 on the mpls-usa router (mpls is just a naming convention). When 0/0 is up RIP is redistributed by when it is down I get nothing. See diagram below:

The topology:

Show ip route on mpls-2 and mpls-3 when interface 0/0 is down on mpls-usa


show ip route on mpls-2 and mpls-3 with eth 0/0 down

And this is my config on MPLS-USA

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Hello.Why do you say: "get


Why do you say: "get nothing", - if you have (learnt from RIP)?

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Vasilii, I should have



I should have included the sh ip route from the USA-MLS router. This shows that there is not routes learnt by RIP on this router. The MPLS-USA router is the router performing the distribution for both OSPF & RIP.

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Actually Vasilii, Here is

Actually Vasilii,


Here is some additional information... I would expect to see two routes to 192.168.0.x but I only see 1?

Cisco Employee

Hi, Please try to add



Please try to add "subnets" keyword while redistributing RIP to OSPF.


router ospf 10

redistribute rip subnets metric 5000


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Hi Akash, I don't have any

Hi Akash,


I don't have any other network or loopback at the moment so i've used "redistribute rip connected"

My question now is why do i only have 1 route to 192.168.0.X and not 2? And why when I disable either interface 0/0 or 1/0 does the route disappear completely?


Cisco Employee

Hi, First of all , please



First of all , please mention interfaces in your topology. Second in all routing table snapshot you cut the router hostname that also creates confusion.


Now in the last output, i am not sure that output is from MPLS-2 or MPLS-3 and where E0/1 is connected to. Regarding your question related to number of routes, i guess you would have only one route in routing table because in OSPF external routes other than route metric, metric to ASBR also comes in to picture.


When you shut one interface, route should not get disappeared. You can shut interface between MPLS-2 and MPLS-USA and share ospf lsa database output from MPLS-USA and MPLS-3. Also "show ip ospf nei" on MPLS-USA router.


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Hello Simon , From

Hello Simon ,


From configuration provide I understand that RIP will be initialized on Eth2/0 port . and I can also see redistribution command for RIP in OSPF and vice-versa . but i do not see any route learnt from RIP in provided outputs ( neither route learnt via eth 2/0 ).


All i am seeing are OSPF / connected routes from other interfaces .


May be you want to ensure your RIP adjacency and RIP database for required entries .

If further help needed, kindly provide related configuration from all concerned devices .




Sunil Bhadauria

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