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Dear Sir/Madam/Ms,


I have a unit of faulty WS-C2960-24TC-L switch with the serial number FCQ1716Y7WH. This unit is not under my support profile, but my customer insists that I help them to do a RMA? How do I proceed? Please advise.

Thank yout

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It is not clear to me in your

It is not clear to me in your description whether the customer is willing to be involved and active in the RMA process (does their insistence that you "help" them with RMA mean that it is a joint effort) or does their insistence on your "help" mean that they want you to do the RMA for them (and they do not want to be active in that process).


If they are willing to be involved then you can draft an Email which they will send to Cisco requesting the RMA, or you can help them to sign in on the Cisco web site, go to the page to open a TAC case for RMA and help them fill out the items needed to open a TAC case requesting an RMA. In opening the case they can add your Email address to the CC list so that you will be notified of developments in the RMA and whether TAC has any additional questions which need to be resolved.


If their version of help is that you should do it for them, then the best thing to do is to request that their service contract number gets associated with your Cisco ID. You can send a request, Cisco will require agreement/authorization from a responsible person at the customer that they agree that you should be added. This will allow you to open and process the information required for the RMA. As a consultant I have a number of customer service contracts associated with my Cisco ID and this allows me to open TAC cases for their equipment.





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