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plz have a llok to the Attached in like thuis setup do i need to assign root bridge Manualy for these Vlan's.or the protocole select the root according its rules



Re: Root-Bridge

It is better to set root manually based on the topology. Here you may prefer setting core as root.

Cisco Employee

Re: Root-Bridge

Hi Ali,

You dont have any redundant links on the network so on a basic idea, you can get away with the STP root part of it. But I would suggest you to setup the DS switch as the root bridge for all the switch/vlans running on the switch. This way you have a control on the L2 traffic across your network.

Imagine a situation that if dont have control over the L2 root and if someone introduces a switch or a redundant link between the switches, this might bring the entire network on a halt and will have adverse effect on your network.

I would suggest to have a manual control for the root bridge placement on your network.

You dont need to configure the core as the root brodge as you are running a L3 link between core and the DS switch.


-amit singh

New Member

Re: Root-Bridge

10xs amit singh!

what about if i need to add another DS2 and make 2nd uplink to 2nd ds2 and make also ether channel l2 between DS1 and DS2 and GLBP as a gateway load what next accoRding STP.

do i need to configure DS1 as root primary for vlan 10 20 and 30 and DS2 root sec for 10 20 and 30.10xs

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