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Route Distribution

Hi ,

I am having problem to understand the metric and the costs assigned during redistribution from eigrp and ospf .

For example :

Eigrp , bandwidth and delay , how do I assign this value . I am using a serial line with 2 Mb bandwidth . When I check the configurations , it has been distributed with the value of 10000 and something else . How I determine this value , should i use the default values .

Ospf , the cost , how do i define the cost , whether it's 30 or 50 , or should I use the default .

Thanks anyway .

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Re: Route Distribution

Hello Alman,

when you set a default metric in EIGRP you specify values for the seed metric using

router eigrp 10

default-metric BW delay reliability load mtu

with default K parameters the seed metric is then calculated as

256 * (delay in tens of microseconds) + 256 * (10^7 / bandw [in kbps])

EIGRP requires to set a seed metric unless redistributing connected or static.

OSPF has default metric values.

For OSPF the most important decision is the metric type:

O E1 if there are multiple exit points (redistribution points) is to be preferred over default O E2 type.

Hope to help


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Re: Route Distribution

Thanks Giuseppe,

If my serial link is 2MB ,I am sorry , I am still new in these ,

256 * ( delay in ten of microseconds ) this value, I believe , I will need to take it from the show interface command + 256 * ( 10>7 / 2000 kbps )

This value will give me , let says 1000

1000 the rest , i will put it as default .1000 100 30 50 255.

Is this what are you , trying to say

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