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Route leaking between global routing table and VRF


I have the following topology:

MPLS Scenario

What I'm trying to do is to configure a MPLS to connect HQ and Branch1. That works perfectly. What doesn't work is that I also want to connect Branch 2 with HQ but trough a site-to-site VPN, and since network of HQ is in a VRF I can't reach it from Branch2.

I tried leaking the Branch2 network using static routes, route-maps with prefix-list, redistributing them inside the EIGRP process that is running between the SP1 and Branch1 routers, importing them in the VRF process and nothing seems to work.

This is the configuration I have on SP1

ip vrf customer
 rd 100:1
 import ipv4 unicast map redis


interface FastEthernet1/0  INTERFACE GOING TO HQ CLIENT
 ip vrf forwarding customer
 ip address
 duplex half
interface FastEthernet2/0  INTERFACE GOING TO BRANCH2 CLIENT
 ip address
 duplex half


ip route FastEthernet1/0
ip route vrf customer


ip prefix-list red seq 5 permit

route-map redis permit 10

 match ip address prefix-list red


Thanks ahead for your help, I really appreciate it.



New Member

I just figured out the

I just figured out the solution haha, right after posting this discussion. Turns out that this IOS wanted me to put both the outgoing interface AND the next hop address to work. Just modified that static route from 

ip route vrf customer


ip route vrf customer FastEthernet2/0

and everything started to work perfectly.

Thanks for at least looking into this discussion hehe.

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