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Route traffic between VLANs on L3 switch


I'm having trouble routing traffic between 2 subnets on a L3 switch.

I have VLAN1 on - i've connected a device to a port and tagged it vlan1.  The device is,,

I have VLAN2 on - i've connected a device to a port and tagged it vlan8.  The device is,,

The device on vlan1 cannot talk to the device on vlan2, vice versa.

How can i get these to see each other?

p.s. i'm using packet tracer for an assignment

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Can you share the topology

Can you share the topology diagram and switch config.You may be missing certain config.


Basic troubleshooting steps:

Ping the vlan 1 ip from Vlan 1 device.Repeat the same for vlan 2.If not able to ,then check vlan interface is up or not.


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The ports should be untagged,

The ports should be untagged, and by that it would imply you are not using Cisco?

Also that won't work as your end devices are on the same network!

Routing also needs to be enabled.


HelloYour hosts in each vlan


Your hosts in each vlan have conflicting subnet masks.

Host vlan1  = /21 subnet (
Host vlan 2 = /24 subnet (

Also make sure you have ip routing enabled on the L3 switch and the hosts ( if windows) are not blocking icmp via its software firewall.



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