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Routed Access Switch in a collapsed core/. distribution

We got some new 3750 switches with EIGRP stub feature. I am deploying these switches at access layer in a collapsed core/distribution network environment. Each access switch will connect to both core switches(4506), and link redudancy and high availability are consided in design. This is a layer 3 or routed access switch design, and default gateway for each VLAN will be configed in access switches. Though I have got this working in a lab environment, I would like to find a sample configuration including eigrp config on core switch and access switch. Can anyone here help me? I got a sample configure from Cisco high availability campus network design white paper, but it is a core - distribution - access switch design... my case are not exactly fit in the picture.

Any sample configuration for this routed access switch ( cisco 3750)?


Re: Routed Access Switch in a collapsed core/. distribution

When you are trying to deploy a hiogh availability set up using eigrp please be sure to specify the stub area which can avoid un-necessary cpu cycles for calculating the path

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