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Router 2650 Boot Looping

Help Please. I have a router 2650, when I turn on, it is showing (see below)

loadprog: bad file 0x0

load: cannot load "flash"

How do I break into this router? I am using windows XP with hyper termianl with default setting 9600. Thanks,


Re: Router 2650 Boot Looping

You need to connect your console cable to the router and open your Hyperterminal session.

When you switch the router on, hit "CTRL-BREAK" several times; keep doing it until it shows you the "rommon 1>" prompt.

From there, you should be able to reconfigure the router to use the correct IOS image, or install a new IOS image if the old one is corrupt.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Router 2650 Boot Looping

It is still show the same error:

loadprog: bad file magic number: 0x0

boot: cannot load "flash"

Here is what I did.


I disconnect HT

Reconnect HT

Hold down CTRL key

Turn router power on

Press Break key

Other solution please. Thanks,

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Re: Router 2650 Boot Looping

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Re: Router 2650 Boot Looping

I have gone to this site, but rightnow. My router is still boot with infinity loop. I can not get to this rommon 1>. I wish I would but still do looping over and over. Help please.

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