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Router Power Supply WRT160 N E 3000 WAP54G

I have recently moved and ended up with a bunch of those small black transformers that are used to convert power (9v and 12v) for use for all the computer goodies. Only one of them has the word Cisco written on it so I know it goes to one of my routers but don't know which one. I searched the docs and there is no identifying information describing the power supply for the particular routers. These are the units I have:

Linksys WRT160 N    Linksys E 3000    Linksys WAP54G

I need to know the voltage required for each unit (probably 12v) and the amps for the power supply. I also need to know if a power supply used that has more than the amps specified will damage the unit and, conversely, if the PS has less amps than specified if it will affect performance.

And one more thing. My E 3000 has a yellow light above the Wi-Fi Protected Set-up button. The light is not even mentioned in the user manuel. What does it mean?

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