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routing / arp issues

Hi all, we have been having major issues on our network where 1 server on vlan 2 can ping a pc on vlan 3, but another server on vlan 2 cannot ping the same pc, but it it can ping everything else in the pc subnet fine. the pc's and servers were rebooted, arp and mac tables flushed on routers/switches, in the end we changed the ip address of the servers and now they can ping everything, they all connect from closet switches to a core layer 3 switch. any ideas what this could be, we are running in this site nortel passport with smlt links.

does anyone know why these probs exsist ?


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Re: routing / arp issues

That is strange isn't it. Do you have CEF running? Turn cef off for the time being to see it it works. (no ip route-cache on the interface) Seems like the CEF cache could be corrupted.

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Re: routing / arp issues

Hi carl_townshend,

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The Isse is got resolved by changing the IP. Thus I think Ip address of the server and IP adress of the vlan must not be config according.

All other server on the vlan 2 were working find, So guess the Ip address of that Server was not in accordance with the vlan IP.

For futher RCA let us know the Ip layout.

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