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Routing between sites

                   We currently have a wireless link between some of our sites that appears as a multi-point mesh to the network even though it is physically a point-to-point network. We are looking to provide a backup link for this mesh using a different technology and plan to deploy routers to redirect traffic when the mesh is unavailable. Another way to look at our configuration is that we have multiple routers connected to a network hub. Each router has a unique address on a /24 subnet. The routing works with I directly connect two routers together but when I connect multiple routers to the mesh the ports are shutdown. Do routers require a point-to-point configuration or is it possible to configure them for a multi-point mesh? The routers are all 2911s, the IOS is 15.2. Routing is via EIGRP and the routing table contains all possible routes to the other routers.

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Routing between sites

Each router's interface needs to have an IP but in different network segments.

You can't assign IPs the from the same subnet unless you configure IRB


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Routing between sites

Thank you for your quick response Reza. On the mesh side the routers have unique addresses but on the same network to allow for communications between them. On the inside interface of each router they have unique subnets so I am not sure how bridging will help in this instance. To ensure that I am expressing myself clearly I am including a basic diagram of the network. For the example I am using a Class C subnet for the mesh. Each of the sites has its own unique network and I am using a Class B subnet for illustration for each of the sites. Internally all of the routing works as planned. If I connect two of the routers together with the mesh or Class C side, routing takes place as planned. If I connect three or more of the routers to the mesh then the mesh side port is disabled.

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