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Routing Issue I Believe (missing something)

I've managed to get the 2811 router T1 and associated serials up and running and I have the 2960G switch up and running. I connect a PC to the switch port of choice and recieve the proper IP/Subnet Mask/Default Gateway/and all DNS information. However I cannot see the internet,cannot ping known public servers. I can ping the Default Gateway.

I can access both device from an outside network (say at home) via both Http and telnet. Hence I believe i am missing something very fundamental. After staring at files and printouts for 12+ hours I do believe someone may look at the 2 config files and quickly find my error.

Any input is appreciated. I will rate post with solution.

Thank you


files downloadable


Re: Routing Issue I Believe (missing something)

Ip route

I don't think I saw a default route in your router config (I only had a little time to look ....)

Good Luck


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Re: Routing Issue I Believe (missing something)

ip route

it's there, it's the one they gave me to setup the T1 Frame-Relay.

I got 6 static IP addresses

they said:

Public IP Block:

Subnet Mask:

First Useable:

Last Useable:

IP On Cisco 2811 Router (Customer Gateway):

Notes: unusable address is Network ID is Your Gateway is Broadcast

think i did everything right but so much for thinking my brain is mush at the moment.



Re: Routing Issue I Believe (missing something)

I suspect it a nat issue.

It depends on what you are doing with fa 0/1.

It is marked as a firewall but as far as routing I can't see it used.

The traffic appears to go from the various subinterfaces to the serial interface.

The NAT function only occurs on a inside to outside or outside to inside traffic flow. You traffic is going from inside to a undefined interface so nat does not run.

You can make this work by making your serial port a outside interface. It will still use the fa 0/1 address to do the nat.

I would recommend you change the nat statement to use a pool with just that one address if you wish rather than use the interface name. It just makes thing confusing.

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