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Routing issue with multilink

I have 3 E1 links between 2 routers ,1st 2 links are configured as multilink and 3rd one standalone .I am running static routing now my question is this multilink performance is not good u can say degraded and i want to move my traffic on standalone link but whenever this link is choked traffic should also pass over multilink .

2nd scenario i use multilink 1st incase of degradation traffic should move over standlone link .

is this posible i am ready to go for dymanic routing also i thought of going for eigrp but i have a question during degradation reliability of link goes down in that case which link will be prefered one .


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Re: Routing issue with multilink

Since your three links are between the same two routers, I would suggest you avoid the two unequal paths. Either place all three links into one multilink bundle, or separate all three and route across them as equal.

Re: Routing issue with multilink

incase i bundle all 3 together in which 1st link's relibility goes down it will still move traffic over that which i don't want.

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Re: Routing issue with multilink

For either approach (MLP or 3 distinct links), if the link goes completely down, traffic should not be sent to it. If the link is just congested, the other active links should be congested somewhat the same.

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