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Routing issue

I am running IPT at all of my remote locations, each router has two physical interfaces. One for data and one for voice, data IP address is 192.X.X.X, the Voice address is 10.X.X.X. From the 192 interface i can ping my 172.16 network. from the 10. network, i am unable to ping my 172.16 network. Any ideas?


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Re: Routing issue


You have told us that 192.x.x.x is the remote data addressing and that 10.x.x.x is the remote voice addressing. But you have not told us what the 172.16 network is. Would I be correct in assuming that it is the HQ network?

Without any more information to work with I would guess that the 172.16 network does have a route to get to 192 network but does not have a route to get to the 10 network.

Can you verify for us what is in the routing table of the 172.16 network?



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Re: Routing issue

Thanks Rick,

So sorry, i should put more info: Actually, 172.16 is coming from my ASA (HQ), when a VPN user connects into my network they are given a 172.16 address. from the 172.16, they can ping any 192 network, but unable to ping 10 network. In the routing table of the ASA, the routes are there for both 192 and 10 network.

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Re: Routing issue

First ensure that both your remote location router and your vpn boxes have route to each other.

If it is there then do a traceroute from the vpn client to 10... and from the router from 10.. to 172.16... This might give you some clue where are the packets going or getting dropped.

Do you have any access-list somewhere on the way? If so check them closely.


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