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routing issue

Hi there my network connection is as follow:

LAN--->FW--DMZ--FW--X(2610 router)---Internet

I want add a second internet connection. This would be on the same switch the 2610 is on. Now i want all my servers in the Lan to have the second connection as the gateway to the internet. How can i group them en establish this? Thanks a lot. FW = Pix Firewall

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Re: routing issue

can u give more details of ur network diagram,

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Re: routing issue


Thanks for your reply. Our local LAN consists of workstations and Servers (1 subnet). Our DMZ consists of our mail servers. The DMZ is in between 2 firewalls the outside Firewall sits on the same subnet as the 2610 router which is connected to an internet leased line. I want to add another leased line to 2610 with more bandwidth. Now i want all my servers on the LAN to have the second connection as the gate way. I use NAT in the DMZ. what is the best way to achieve this?

Re: routing issue

you can use PBR for this

Request a new LAN pool from the service provider for the 2nd link

configure the NAT to this pool for the servers

Now configure PBR on your router and divert all the traffic that is sourced from the above subnet to the new link still maintaining the default route on the old link


interface fa 0/0

Description " inside interface to FW"

ip address

ip policy route-map test

access-list 111 permit ip any

route-map test permit 1

match ip address 111

set ip next-hop

ip route

HTH, rate if it does


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Re: routing issue

Narayan, Attached you can see our current and proposed topology. I want the servers on our internal LAN to connect to the Internet 2 while the workstations still use internet 1. We use private addresses on the LAN of course. I this clear?

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