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Routing on a 3560G

I have setup routing on various switches before, both port based and VLAN based but I have a 3560G that I can't figure out why my clients cannot see this new network.

If I ping a client on the new network from the switch it works fine but from any client on my existing network connected to this switch it fails. If I trace to the new network from a client it stop at this switch and then I get the * * *.

I am using RIP as I have other switches and routers in my network. The new network is on Port 24.

Please see me config attached.


Re: Routing on a 3560G

What is the being used for ? You have both a default gateway (not used unless ip routing is turned off and a default static route pointing there . From the new switch can you ping device on your other network ?? Does the other network show up in the routing table as a RIP learned route ???

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Re: Routing on a 3560G

The is our main router.

Yes, my router and other switches do see the RIP route.

I can ping everything on my network from that switch including the one host on the new network. Just not from a client on the network.


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