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Routing problem


I have a VMWare server which has 3 Windows Server running, one is Active Directory and another two are member servers. I have installed LMS in one of the memeber server which IP address is The Active Directory server address is and VMWare Server is The server is connected to the 3750 switch via vlan 310. There is a trunk between 3750 and 6509 (Core). When I confiure the access port for vlan 310 then I can access LMS server ( and when I configure for vlan 10 ( then I can access I am using OSPF routing for whole netwrok. I have configured OSPF routing as follows:

router ospf 10

network area 0

network area 0

I have connectivity problem to both network at the same time. If anybody can help me to figure out this routing issue, I will appreciate your help.

New Member

Re: Routing problem

Your network is working perfectly, the problem is that you need to have a trunk run to the VM server so you can access the multiple networks(VLANS) at the same time. You do not actually have a routing problem. I am not very familiar with setting up VM to deal with this, but I feel fairly confident that it is capable.

The other alternatives would be to change the servers to all fall into the same subnet, or if multiple NICs are available on the sever machine, have one configured for the vlan and the other for the vlan. Again, not sure about VM setup but I am sure it can be done.

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