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routing routes based on source

hi, so I am relatively unfamiliar with how routing works and I have the following situation: My network has a couple core routers that route using eigrp and send most of the traffic along the same route (as i understand it). the routing portion of the config looks something like this...


router eigrp 1

network XX.0.0.0

network ZZ.YY.0.0

no auto-summary


ip classless

ip route

ip http server


this config essentially tells the router how to deal with all of the traffic on our network. The problem is that we need to route some additional unsecured traffic that needs to remain completely separate from the rest of the network and uses its own separate way out to the internet.

This is all being done for a guest wireless that will be available from any of our access points, It works fine just using a special vlan for the guest wireless on our autonomous AP's, but we have been having trouble getting it to work on all our Cisco 1240's that route their traffic through a WLC (cisco 4400). as near as we can tell it is an issue of the guest traffic from the AP's having too many hops to make before getting out since our core routers currently don't route it.


Re: routing routes based on source

It looks like a configuration issue. verify your core router configuration. And make sure your Access Point (AP) 1240 does associate the Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller properly.

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