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I am using 2 6500 series switches as my core switches. Between these switches there is a trunk configured. Form core 1 there is an active link connected to the central site.

When i do SH IP ROUTE from core 1 its pointing to outgoing interface(to router). But i do the same command on 2nd core switch its giving me 3 to 4 vlans as active route. How can i route the traffic only through native VLAN.

How good is it, if I move the link between switches to layer 3.


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Re: Routing

I Assume that you are running HSRP between the routers (6500) . Can you please paste the output of shoe config and show ip route ***** network number ( as you see ) .

Also If you are not running HSRP then it is good to move to layer 3 between the two .( No STP )

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Re: Routing

Thanks for the replay,

Yes, I am running HSRP between 6500.I am using EIGRP as routing protocol. Here is the IP route output;

D [90/74982144] via, 01:54:01, Vlan53

[90/74982144] via, 01:54:01, Vlan73


[90/74982144] via, 01:54:01, Vlan72

[90/74982144] via, 01:54:01, Vlan76

D [90/74979584] via, 02:30:08, Vlan53

[90/74979584] via, 02:30:08, Vlan55

[90/74979584] via, 02:30:08, Vlan87

[90/74979584] via, 02:30:08, Vlan79.

Re: Routing

I presume in each of these cases, all four of these VLANs are running across the trunk between the two switches.

You say you want it to route only over the native VLAN of the trunk. So you will have to ensure that you have an EIGRP adjacency between the SVI interfaces of the native VLAN, which you proably have already. Furthermore, the metric on the native SVI adjacency should be better than that between the SVIs of the other VLANs. The easiest way to do that is to configure the delay on the native SVI interfaces to be less than the default delay on the SVIs of the other VLANs.

If you do it that way, they you are still protected against any wierd failuure of the native VLAN connection ... in that case the route via the other VLANs would cut in.

The HSRP should still work because the trunk link is still a trunk link.

Kevin Dorrell


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Re: Routing

What routing protocol are you running across the link between the switches?

Re: Routing


It will be better to run layer 3 between the switches but do u have redundant connections from the access or dist switches becoz HSRP is not going to work it u dnot have a layer to 2 link between the switches.



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