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RPF Neighbor

Currently I am trying to pass multicast through a sidewinder firewall using PIM Dense mode. I have an internal router on the inside of the firewall and an external router on the other side, all interfaces are configured for PIM Dense…

The firewall basically forwards the PIM hello's through so the internal and external routers both appear as PIM neighbors. I am able to get multicast traffic to flow through the firewall both ways but for example: when a host on the external side leaves the group the tree does no prune back through the firewall to the internal; it stops pruning at the external router. When I do a show ip mroute on the external router it shows the rpf neighbor as being the firewall ( and not the pim neighbor internal router (x.x.241.214/29).

Also when I do a debug ip pim I see the external router receive the prune message but it does not forward a prune message to its upstream PIM neighbor. I believe this is because the RPF neighbor and PIM neighbor do not match. I have tried putting in a static mroute pointing to the internal router ( but it still shows the firewall ( as the rfp neighbor, but it does have the mroute tag next to the entry… Does anyone know of a workaround for this scenario? Any help is greatly apprrciated.


Re: RPF Neighbor

Here is the URL for command guide of multicasting with pim state “

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Re: RPF Neighbor

didyap, Not sure what i should be looking for? Are you saying my problem has to do with PIM state refresh?

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